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Why Garage Door Weather stripping makes Calgary Homes Efficient

A homeowner needs to seal their garage to protect it from harmful elements outside, such as the destructive effects of weather, insects, pests, dirt, and water. Although residents can do garage door weatherstripping replacement in Calgary alone, it is still recommended to let a professional do it.

Keep your vehicle and other valuables from the cold or scorching heat outside. Remember to check your weatherstripping to see if it’s damaged or broken so you can install a new one immediately.

Our team of experts can professionally and successfully seal your garage to avoid more significant problems in the future.

Benefits of Garage Door Weatherstripping in Calgary

Below here are the benefits of Garage Door Weatherstripping in Calgary. Let Garage Door Professionals Calgary help you.

  1. It enables you to save more energy bills by maintaining the heat and cold from coming in and out of your garage door. The homeowners who have direct access to their garage from their main house wonder why the temperature inside their parking space differs from their home because their parking area is not sealed. It puts more pressure on the air conditioner or heater to work hard, which will cause more energy bills.
  1. Sealing your garage will keep pests or insects from coming through your garage door. These creatures sometimes carry diseases that might be dangerous to people.
  1. It keeps the water, dirt, and other elements from entering the garage. If you let these things come to your parking space, it might also damage your vehicle and other valuables.

Garage Door Weather Stripping Replacement in Calgary

Like any other garage door parts, the weatherstrip wears out over time. Weather conditions, like heat and cold, can break and crack the weatherstrip. It can also lose shape and gives way to other components entering your parking space.

If you notice that your garage door weatherstripping is damaged, torn or even if you just want to replace the color of the weather strip, learn more on how our skilled garage door professionals can get your garage weather safe!

Here are some of the signs you need a weather stripping replacement in Calgary

  • Some parts of the weatherstrip are lost, and there are apparent signs of cracks or peeling.
  • Dirt and pests keep getting inside the parking space.
  • You can feel the wind and see the sunlight coming through the weatherstrip.

DIY Garage Door Weatherstripping Replacement in Calgary

Sealing your garage door is easy, but if you need help with how to do it, call a professional immediately to ensure quality results.
Here are some steps and tools you will need to get this done.

The tools you will need are:

  • High-quality hammer
  • Cordless drill/driver (if you will use screws to mount the weather stripping)
  • Heavy-duty pry bar
  • Galvanized nails or screws
  • A good saw (hack or power)
  • Tape measure
  • The type and color of weatherstripping that will match your garage

The steps you will follow are:

Step #1: Remove the current weatherstripping

  • Using a high-quality hammer and pry bar, remove the existing weatherstripping from your garage door on the outside frame.
  • Secure all steel nails and screws that were eliminated and observe for damages around the door’s frame.
  • Remove all the residual debris.

Step #2: Assess the garage door’s perimeter and cut strips

  • Get the tape measure and carefully assess how long the perimeter and strips you will need for the garage door
  • Next step, cut the weatherstrip susceptible on the section it will be placed

Step #3: Place the new garage door weatherstripping on the upper part of the door

  • Carefully place the new weatherstrip in the upper part
  • Ensure to keep all the steel nails from about 8 to 18 inches away from each other

Step #4: Install all weatherstripping on every side of the garage door frames

  • By using the same method in step 3, carefully install the new weatherstrip to every side of the garage door frame
  • Guarantee and watch if every piece of the weatherstrip overlap in the upper part and give it a close seal
  • Cut and eliminate all the excess details to give it a pleasing appearance

Step #5: Ensure to caulk every side

  • Ensure caulk on every side and implement the finishing touches to make sure you sealed all the small gaps.

Why Choose Garage Door Professionals Calgary For Garage Door Weatherstripping Replacement In Calgary

Garage Door Professionals Calgary has been in the garage door repair, installation, and maintenance industry for many years.
Many customers trust us for their garage door weather stripping in Calgary because we always give our best and assure them to provide quality service and use durable materials for their garage doors. 

Our skilled technician can help you with all services relating to the garage door. Call now and get your garage door weather safe!

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